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Cooling systems need to work in full swing when summer sets in. The task of keeping commercial spaces and homes cool involves continuous functioning of ACs for providing comfort. Having the most modern HVAC System in your premises is one thing, but keeping it functioning properly is another. This necessitates caring and maintaining the same in the most effective manner. Deriving the maximum potential of your AC and ensuring that it doesn’t go bust unexpectedly depends on how much attention you pay to it. This also helps avoid expensive repairs.

Regardless of whether you own a simple window model AC installed in your residence or some large-scale centralized HVAC System at your commercial premises, your companion in AC services is Boynton Beach AC Pros, the most renowned air conditioner service provider in Boynton Beach, FL area having unmatched experience of more than two decades. You can rely on our team for the best maintenance as well as services. Contact us for all your AC-related issues on 561-318-0142.

What can you do?

People generally feel that AC maintenance is a professional’s job. Rather than distancing yourself from the entire process, you had better know certain facts: although a comprehensive AC service needs to be performed only by trained and skilled professionals, some fundamental things can be done by you.

  • Air filter Cleaning: Dust and dirt that gets collected on your air filters over time may not only adversely impact your air quality but also may bring down your AC’s expected operational efficiency in a considerable way. Cleaning or changing such air filters can be done by yourself.

  • Cleaning the outdoor unit: We do not suggest that you clean the outdoor unit by completely removing it. You could rather get the dust, dirt, leaves that are stuck, or other such particulate matter removed from your AC system by spraying it using a hose.

  • Keep pest out: Pests, when they gain access into AC or the ducts, may wreak havoc in unimaginable manner. Their leftovers and presence may impact the indoor air quality significantly and may lead to intense allergies to people who are susceptible. The best proofing methods need to be deployed for preventing this.

What do we do?

When we receive your call, we perform the following:

  • In-depth cleaning: Starting with accessing the deep corners of your AC’s vents through removing the outdoor unit for removing even a speck of dust, our maintenance professionals can do everything related to cleaning.

  • Lubrication: It is likely that components might get rusty over time. It is our job to ensure that all moving parts in your AC get lubricated for seamless functioning.

  • Checking the Refrigerant: It is common that with time, refrigerant levels might dwindle. Checking for leaks and refilling when needed is our responsibility.

  • Testing electrical connections: We conduct necessary testing for any loose or improper electrical connections that may create problems and fix them.

  • Operation analysis: We make a thorough check of the system for detecting any underlying problems or predicting potential causes that lead to failure, and solving them.

  • Repairs: Upon coming across any fault or problem such as worn out components or loose belts, we ensure to resolve the issue promptly.

  • Thermostat setting: Improper thermostat operation or sensor misalignment may lead to improper cooling and short cycling. We analyze the system to fix issues, if any.

Your one-stop AC maintenance solution:

Whether it is a residential property or commercial premises that they own, anyone in Boynton Beach, FL relies on Boynton Beach AC Pros for AC maintenance – you may follow suit. Here are the reasons why:

  • Boynton Beach AC Pros Boynton Beach, FL 561-318-0142Customizable and flexible maintenance plans
  • Availability of annual and bi-annual options
  • Subsidized, efficient repairs
  • Personalized solutions for commercial organizations
  • Services on priority basis
  • Discounts available on spares
  • Service from trained technicians

If you are looking for professional air conditioner maintenance services suiting to your budget, approach us by calling 561-318-0142.